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Auxiliary Group

Who are we?

The Epping West auxiliary is a group of parents from all years in the school that meet regularly to discuss and organise various fundraising and social events held during the school year. All these events are used primarily for the enjoyment of the children and for much needed fundraising. It is a sub-committee of the Parents and Citizens' Association(P&C), catering for parents who are free during the day and may not be able to make the P&C meetings which are held in the evenings (1 per term). The date of meetings is advertised in the school's newsletter, and parents are always welcome to attend.

The reason we fundraise

Our school fees are low compared to other schools and therefore do not cover all the costs associated with your child's education. The auxiliary contribution in your school fees was set up to replace the running of chocolate or lolly drives, however we still fundraise through other ways to supplement those education costs. We run a variety of fun activities throughout the school year. All money raised goes directly to paying for extra educational facilities. In the past these have included library books, school gardens, first aid, computer equipment, literacy texts and training, playground equipment, lunch seats, gardening works, outfitting the servery and the wonderful new piano in our new school hall. Without the ongoing help and support of our parents and children, we could not provide or maintain such a range of facilities.

What we do

School discos

These are run three times per year on a Friday evening in our new school hall. This is a fun evening of dancing and music for the children.

Cupcake days

One day each term the auxiliary runs a Sweets and Treats day. We have individually packed sweets for children to purchase during school hours to eat at recess.

Entertainment books

These books are filled with discount vouchers to use in dining, entertainment and accommodation throughout your local community, and in some cases, throughout Australia. The auxiliary sends out and collects order forms for the books. A percentage of each book sale is donated to the school.

Mothers' and Fathers' day stalls

The week before Mothers' and Fathers' Day, the auxiliary runs a gift stall. Gifts are made available to the children to purchase for $5 each. There is usually a variety of items to choose from. Children are asked to bring an envelope with their money in it, and their name and class written on it along with a first and second choice of gifts.

Sports carnivals

The auxiliary provides morning tea and refreshments for all teachers and parents helping at all sports carnivals throughout the year examples are swimming and athletics. We ask for help from parents with providing and serving food and hot and cold drinks. At the athletics carnival we also run a snack stall for the children.


This is held once a year as one of our major fundraisers. All children are asked to collect sponsors from family and friends to walk laps around the school. There is a different theme each year and the children are allowed to dress up accordingly. Parents from each class are asked to assist serving ice blocks, refreshments and cheering the children on.

Book club

Appropriate reading level Scholastic book order brochures are sent home with children: 6 x per year. The school gets points which are then used to purchase books for the library and the classroom. It's a convenient way to buy books for your children and it benefits the school.

General fundraising

We also run various other fundraisers throughout the school year example are bulb drive, spring dance, book stalls, caterpillar day, raffles and family portraits, etc. Parents are notified of these through the school's newsletter. The auxiliary is always keen to hear of new ideas and feedback for our fundraising.

How can I help?

Joining the auxiliary is easy, just come along to any of our meetings at any time. If you have some spare time and would like to help on a stall that is coming up, please call any one of the parents listed below or approach us in the playground. It's a great way to meet new people and find out what's happening at the school. If you have any queries or suggestions, again, come along to a meeting or give us a call.

If you have any queries or suggestions, again, come along to a meeting or contact us on eppingwestpublicschool-auxiliary@pandcaffiliate.org.au

President: Shaminie Chandra
Vice President: Kylie Schlegl
Treasurer: Lauren Herbert
Secretary: Jina Shim